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Research Mentorship Program in partnership with Queen's Four Directions Indigenous Student Centre - 2020

Our mentorship program aims to share knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm between graduate students and high school youth, making stronger connections between the university and the community. The mentors aim to foster inquiry and problem-solving skills through scientific discovery to help equip the mentees for success in their current and future educational paths.

This past year we were privileged to work together with 10 Indigenous youth in grades 9-12 from the Katarokwi Learning Centre (KLC). Our projects were collaborations led by the interests of our mentees, and on relevance to their own community and how we are all connected in nature. We covered a wide spectrum of topics from the amazing world of microbes around us, DNA/RNA, viruses, vaccines and community health, the GI system, to the basics of blood!

We thank Keira LaPierre (Indigenous Community Outreach Coordinator) and Laura Maracle (Indigenous Culture Safety Co-ordinator) at the Queen’s Four Directions Centre, and KLC high school teachers Lacey Siemonsen and Scott Nichol for their guidance and amazing support!

Working alongside Bruce Elliott (Program Co-ordinator) and Assistant Co-ordinator Chelsea Jackson, have been graduate student mentors Christina Ferrone, Michael Luo, and Hanad Adan from DPMM, and Katya Douchant, Isabelle Grenier-Pleau, Ryan Marks, Olena Kourko, Eammon MacNeil, and Michelle Krezonoski from DBMS, and Courtney Wynne in Indigenous Studies and Biology.