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CHIR Grants - Congratulations Dr Mueller, Dr. Yang!

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) have released the results of their latest Project Grant competition. Seven Queen’s researchers were awarded funds for projects spanning from cancer to autism and social determinants of health. Another three researchers were listed as Priority Announcements, that provide additional sources of potential funding to projects that are relevant to CIHR and partners. In total, Queen’s secured $6.48 million in federal funding for health research.

Christopher Mueller (Queen’s Cancer Research Institute) has been investigating new strategies to extend the lives of women with metastatic breast cancer. He led the development of a blood test that will be used to determine if a given patient is responding well to the treatment of choice within the first few weeks of therapy. This grant will allow the team to start a clinical trial in Kingston and Ottawa that will show if the new blood test can be used to guide clinical decisions and help physicians provide the most effective treatment for each patient. Funding amount: $891,226.

Xiaolong Yang (Pathology and Molecular Medicine) researches how cancer initiates, progresses, and resists to drugs. This program will investigate the role of a group of genes called “Hippo” in breast cancer spreading and metastasis. The results will inform the development of new treatment strategies that target metastasis, which accounts for over 90 per cent of breast cancer fatalities. Funding amount: $956,250

k L-R: Dr. Sandip SenGupta, Joyce deVette-McPhail, Angela Sirosky-Yanyk, Krystal Schonauer, Rebecca Wildsmith-Chappell and Dr. Renate Ilse.

Using Labs Wisely

Congratulations to our KHSC Chemistry team for completing one year of Using Labs Wisely. 

Image 1 L-R: Dr. Sandip SenGupta, Dr. Renate Ilse & Joyce deVette-McPhail

Congratulations to Dr. Jeannie Callum and the Transfusion Medicine team for receiving the Using Blood Wisely certification.

Image 2  Dr. Jeannie Callum with Using Blood Wisely certificate.

Image 3  Back L-R: Dr. Sandip SenGupta, Joyce deVette-McPhail, Angela Sirosky-Yanyk, Krystal Schonauer, Rebecca Wildsmith-Chappell and Dr. Renate Ilse.

DPMM Staff Meeting Tuesday Feb 14 , 2pm

DPMM Staff Meeting by ZOOM only today at 2pm

Approval of Agenda (D. Berman)

Recognitions & Information (D. Berman)

Digital Pathology (S. Varma) 

Wellness (C. Orr) 

AP Residency Program (C. Orr)

QHS Budget (D. Berman)

CARMS 2023

This is now in progress.  We are interviewing all this week virtually over the zoom videoconferencing system.

The CARMS R-1 Main Residency Match (R-1 match) for entry level postgraduate training positions encompasses more than 4,800 applicants and 30 programs at Canada’s 17 medical schools every year.

This match is offered in two iterations each year,

The first iteration includes all graduating students and prior year graduates from Canadian, American and international medical schools who meet the basic eligibility criteria and have no prior postgraduate training in Canada or the US.