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Pathology Welcoming Reception & Awards dinner

Welcome all new faculty and residents.
Congratulations to all the award recipients, as follows:

Graduate Program

  • The Bruce Elliott Faculty Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching and Mentorship - Dr. Chris Nicol
  • The Bruce and Janet Elliott Graduate Award in Transdisciplinary Cancer Research - Chelsea Jackson
  • The Robert Kisilevsky Fund for Research Education - Christina Ferrone and Matt Cormier
  • The Robert Kisilevsky Research Seminar Awards - Eli Ghorbanpour, Christina Ferrone and Taha Azad

    AP Residency Program

New Department Website

The Departmental website will be migrating to a new host in the next few weeks and take on a look and feel similar to that of other Queen's University and Faculty of Health Sciences Departmental sites... please bear with us...

Room Changes

Dr. David Good has moved from Richlab 201C to Richlab 201D
Dr. Graeme Quest has moved from Richlab 201B to Richlab 201C
Dr. Amanda Xu will be moving into Richlab 201B
Dr. Kevin Ren will be moving into Douglas 202
All phone numbers remain the same.

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