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Pathology Welcoming Reception & Awards dinner

Welcome all new faculty and residents.
Congratulations to all the award recipients, as follows:

Graduate Program

  • The Bruce Elliott Faculty Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching and Mentorship - Dr. Chris Nicol
  • The Bruce and Janet Elliott Graduate Award in Transdisciplinary Cancer Research - Chelsea Jackson
  • The Robert Kisilevsky Fund for Research Education - Christina Ferrone and Matt Cormier
  • The Robert Kisilevsky Research Seminar Awards - Eli Ghorbanpour, Christina Ferrone and Taha Azad

    AP Residency Program

  • Dr. Paul Manley Award for an Excellent Investigative Record By a Pathology Resident - Dr. Lina Chen
  • Dr. RSA Prentice Award for Excellence in Teaching by a Pathology Resident & For Improving the Quality of Resident Education - Dr. Christine Orr
  • Dr. RSA Prentice Award for Excellence in Teaching - Dr. John Rossiter.