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Graduate Awards 3/4

Graduate Awards 3/4

Congratulations to Tejo Poluri on winning a Robert J. Wilson Fellowship. Tejo’sPhD project with Drs. Bob Gooding and David Berman uses a bioinformatic analysis of DNA methylation patterns to detect and diagnose prostate cancer, and p redict which patients will require treatment.

Congratulations to Justin Wong on receiving a Robert J. Wilson Fellowship. Justin’sPhD project with Dr. Neil Renwick explores using miRNAs that are expressed in neuroendocrine tumors as biomarkers to detect and diagnose these clinically challenging tumors.

Congratulations to Alex Pipchuk on winning an Ontario Graduate Scholarship. Alex’s MSc project in Dr. Xiaolong Yang’s lab studies the Me rlin/NF2 tumor suppressor using a clever split-luciferase biosensor designed to evaluate its mechanism of regulation in cancer cells.

Congratulations to Emily Cohen on winning a Carmichael Fellowship. Emily’s MSc project in Dr. Tricia Cottrell’s lab
studies the response of lung cancer patients to immune checkpoint blockade treatment and the correlation with
immune cell composition of the tumor.