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Applicants may apply anytime throughout the year for start dates in January, May and September. September start dates are the most common, as students generally finish their BSc in April/May.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to find a suitable supervisor for their research. This may be done by searching the website for a faculty member in whose research you are interested; and, contacting that person through e-mail, telephone or personal interview to enquire whether they will be accepting students.

Graduate students in the Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine are paid a stipend, the amount of which is reviewed each July for the upcoming academic year. The value of the stipend is listed in the Manual that is available on this website. Students are generally guaranteed funding for the first two years of their Master’s Program, and for the first four of their Doctoral Program.

No, there is no formal list of supervisors looking for students. Positions become available at different times throughout the year, depending upon current students completing their programs and money from funding agencies being granted or terminated. All student files that have been conditionally accepted (upon finding a supervisor) are made available to researchers.