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Dean's Doctoral Awards

Terms of Reference:  Funding is available to provide up to ten 'Dean's Doctoral Awards" per year valued at $15,000 each, and renewable up to three times (ie a potential total of four years of PhD student funding) to promote increased PhD enrolment in School of Medicine Graduate programs. A relocation bursary of up to $2,500 will be provided to students who are recruited from outside Queen's. The intent of these awards is to provide bridging support to Faculty members of the School of Medicine, which will in turn allow them to recruit new PhD students in order to strengthen their existing research programs. It will be a requirement that these funds be used to recruit new domestic PhD students above and beyond that which would be considered a typical intake for a School of Medicine Faculty member. This would include conversion of current MSc students to the PhD program via the Mini-MSc route. Notification of award recipients will be made early on in the recruitment cycle in order to allow Faculty members to make offers in a timely manner. Funds will flow to students as a Graduate Research Assistant Fellowship from the Faculty member's research account, once the student has registered into their respective PhD program. Award recipients will have until June 1st to secure a student, after which the funding will be made available to Faculty members on the waiting list from the same graduate program. Applications from Faculty members will outline the basis for the allocation and must provide evidence that the funding will permit recruitment of a new PhD student that would not otherwise occur (a paragraph or two outlining the Faculty member's financial position and explaining how current funding, while adequate to support the student's research project, is insufficient to provide the required stipend support for a new PhD student). Applicants must have evidence of sufficient resources to support the student's research project for at least two years. Higher priority will be given to Faculty members who have a history of having students progress through their Graduate program in a timely manner. Students receiving Award funding are expected to apply for internal and external awards for which they are eligible. Should the student subsequently receive internal (University or Faculty-based) or external award funding in excess of $15,000, the award will be returned (this also applies to subsequent years of funding). A number of named University internal awards are valued at $10,000; in this case, the Dean's Doctoral Award funding would be reduced accordingly. Continuation of award funding for years 2-4 will require submission of a report (deadline June 30) by the Faculty member outlining the financial circumstances that would justify renewal of the award. Applications will first be reviewed/prioritized by Department Heads/Program Directors, with final adjudication by a Committee consisting of the Graduate coordinators of the four Graduate programs in the School of Medicine (Biomedical and Molecular Sciences, Epidemiology, Neurosciences and Pathology and Molecular Medicine), and chaired by the Associate Dean, Graduate and Postdoctoral Education. The application deadline is December 15, 2017. Submissions under the subject heading "Dean's Doctoral Award' should be sent to Krista Knight (

Pathology and Molecular Medicine Graduate Award

This monetary award is available to outstanding entry level graduate students. 

Terms of Reference:  The Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine is committed to the recruitment of outstanding PhD and MSc candidates.  To this end, the Department offers a one year monetary award to an eligible graduate student on the recommendation of the Departmental Graduate Studies Committee.  This will be in addition to their stipend as provided by their supervisor and/or external awards. Eligible candidates will have outstanding academic records, evidence of research experience, excellent letters of reference, and either be the recipient of a competitive external graduate award or an outstanding candidate for an external award. The purpose of this award is to attract top-ranked students who would be highly sought after by other academic institutions both nationally and internationally.

The Robert Kisilevsky Fund for Research Education

This endowed fund supports a bursary program for full-time PhD students in the first year of their program in the Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine.  The bursaries are one-time awards, paid in September, which are provided in addition to any other support received by students from either their supervisors or other sources.  The bursary is not a competitive award and all PhD students will receive one during their first year of full-time studies.  Students joining collaborative programs are eligible to receive the award once they have identified Pathology and Molecular Medicine as their home department.  The value of the bursary may vary on an annual basis depending on the income from the Fund and the number of first year PhD students in the program.

The Graduate Entrance Tuition Award

This award is given annually to one incoming graduate student with an average of at least 80% (or equivalent) in each of the last two years. The value is equivalent to one year's domestic tuition and is deposited directly into the student's tuition account.

Conference Travel Award

Students are encouraged to submit papers, relating to their work, to appropriate scientific meetings.  Only those students attending meetings to present graduate research performed in the Pathology Department at Queen's will have access to funding to defray costs of travel, etc.    Application must be made prior to attendance at the Conference.  Please retain all expense receipts including boarding passes.

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