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There are two training programmes within the Department, Master's (MSc) and Doctoral (PhD).

The minimum requirement for applicants to the Master's Program in Pathology is a Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree with at least a B+ average. The average time to completion of the MSc program is 2 years. Applicants who have an excellent academic record and have demonstrated an interest in research through practical laboratory experience may wish to apply directly to the PhD Program. Applicants are encouraged to discuss this option with prospective supervisors. The completion time for a doctoral degree is approximately 4 to 7 years.

Pathology graduate students are funded through scholarships, awards and/or faculty research. To be eligible for scholarship/award competitions, an A (80%) average in the last two years of study is required. Applicants with this average are strongly advised to apply for funding from the Ontario Graduate Scholarships Program and/or NSERC if they meet other eligibility requirements identified. Eligibility for internal competitions is dependent upon your acceptance into the Program by a supervisor. Award-eligible students are encouraged to apply for graduate studies by February 1.

It should be noted that individuals with a background other than in the basic sciences (eg. anatomy, biochemistry, physiology), or without research experience, such as an undergraduate thesis project, may find themselves at a disadvantage relative to their peers in the Pathology Graduate Program. In light of this, preference is given to applicants with a background in a recognized basic sciences program relevant to the research foci of the Department.

A Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is required as proof of English proficiency for those students not educated in English. The minimum acceptable score is 600 on a paper test; 250 on a computer-based exam; or, 88 on the IBT (internet based TOEFL). Scores are valid for two years from the test dates.  The Graduate Studies Committee, in consultation with a supervisor, may deem it necessary for a student to upgrade his/her English language proficiency.  Any financial costs incurred in this regard will be borne by the student.

PLEASE NOTE: You are encouraged to contact researchers personally to enquire whether they are interested in supervising your studies. You may do this prior, during or after the application process. However, it is advisable that international students have favorable interaction with a potential supervisor prior to submitting their formal application and payment.

Please follow this link to to the Queen's School of Graduate Studies online application.