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Pathology and Molecular Medicine Teaching Assistant Opportunities

Graduate Students in Pathology are invited to apply for Teaching Assistantships for undergraduate courses offered through the Life Sciences and Bachelor of Health Sciences Programs. 

The courses include:

  • Pathology 310 (winter term, ~200 students,x6.5 TA positions)
  • Pathology 425 (fall term, ~30 students, x1 TA position)
  • Pathology 499 (full year, ~10 students, X1 Admin TA, X1 per student Lab TA positions)
  • Cancer 440 (winter term, 30 students, x1 TA position)
  • Cancer 499 (full year, ~10 students, x1 Admin TA, x1 per student Lab TA positions)


General duties may include: attending lectures tutorials and or exams, marking of assignments and or exams, direct supervision of individual students in the laboratory, grading students on various aspects and performance in a course.

All Pathology TAs are required to adhere to the University Code of Conduct. As teachers of undergraduates, TAs are expected to recognize the serious nature of all forms of Academic Dishonesty, Harrassment and Discrimination and to understand the rules governing such cases at Queen's.

Please refer to the Collective Agreement at the following link: