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Graduate Awards

Graduate Awards 1/4

Congratulations to Jenny Min on winning a Franklin Bracken Fellowship. Jenny will be starting her second year in the MSc program this September in Dr. Peter Greer’slab where she studies the role of
calpain proteases in breast cancer.

Congratulations to Derek Zhang on his success with a CIHR-CGS-M Fellowship. Derek’s MS c project with Dr. Xiaolong Yang explores the involvement of the PTPN12 phosph atase in Hippo signaling in breast cancer metastasis.

Congratulations to Christina Ferrone who was recognized with a prestigious CIHR- CGS-D Fellowship. Christina’sPhD project in Dr. Michael Rauh’s lab uses next generation DNA sequencing diagnose and
characterize hematologic malignancies.

Congratulations to Brian Laight on winning an Ontario Graduate Scholarship. Brian’s PhD project in Dr. Peter Greer’s lab explores Fes/Fer kinases and the Ezrin adaptor as novel therapeutic targets in breast can cer, employing both genetic and small molecule inhibitor strategies.