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Dr. Nathan Kaufman Series

Nathan Kaufman was born in Lachine, Quebec and educated at McGill University, graduating with a medical degree in 1941. He interned at the Royal Victoria Hospital and then served as a Medical Officer to a tank battalion in Western Europe and was honoured with a MBE. After 18 months as a pathology resident at the Jewish General in Montreal he moved with his wife Rita to the Cleveland Metropolitan General Hospital to complete his residency. He then joined the Faculty at Case Western and embarked on a successful career in iron metabolism research, medical education and laboratory administration. In 1967, after 7 years as a Professor at Duke University, he was recruited by Dean Harry Botterell to succeed Bob More as the Head of Pathology at Queen's.

His accomplishments at Queen's were numerous. They included the development of the NCIC Cancer Research Unit, recruitment and nurturing of many current senior faculty, distinguished service to senior committees of the Hospital, University and the MRC (now CIHR), and expansion of our research capability and residency program.

During his 12 years at Queen's, Dr. Kaufman became recognized internationally for his distinguished leadership as Editor of Laboratory Investigation, President of the US-Canadian Academy of Pathology and the International Academy of Pathology.

On leaving Queen's he moved to Augusta as the first full-time Secretary/Treasurer of the USCAP. He has been recognized by the USCAP for his numerous contributions, most recently with the establishment of the annual Nathan Kaufman Timely Topics Lecture.

Through this lectureship the Department honours Nathan Kaufman's extraordinary influence in shaping the scholarly life of our department and his contribution to our specialty internationally.


2017 October 17

The Ninth Nathan Kaufman Visiting Lecture was delivered by Janis Taube, MD, MSc - Director of Dermatology Division and Fellowship at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine - "Emerging Immunologic Biomarkers"
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2015 May 21

The Eighth Nathan Kaufman Lecture was delivered by John Bartlett, Transformative Pathology, Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR), Toronto, ON. "If breast cancers are rare diseases - how will we treat them?"
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2013 October 24

The Seventh Nathan Kaufman Lecture was delivered by Randy Gascoyne, University of British Columbia, BC Cancer Agency and BC Cancer Research Centre, Vancouver, BC. "Hodgkin Lymphoma: From Discovery to Clinical Translation"
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2011 September 20

The Sixth Nathan Kaufman Lecture was delivered by Thomas Hudson, President and Scientific Director, the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research, Toronto, ON. "Large Scale Genomics in Cancer"
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2006 November 28

The fifth Nathan Kaufman Lecture was delivered by Dr. David Huntsman (University of British Columbia) in Richardson Labs Amphitheatre at 16:00, on "Hereditary diffuse gastric cancer: pathology, genetics, and clinical management"
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2004 November 04

The fourth Nathan Kaufman Lecture was delivered by Professor Dr. Dietrich Keppler (University of Heidelberg, Germany) in Richardson Labs Amphitheatre at 16:00, on "Transport Into and Out of the Liver: Molecular Basis and Pathology".
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2003 March 10

The third Nathan Kaufman Lecture was delivered by Professor Ulf Lindahl (Uppsala Sweden) in Botterell Hall B143 at 16:00, on "Heparan Sulfate - a Versatile Polysaccharide: Structure, Biosynthesis and Function".
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2002 January 10

The second Nathan Kaufman Lecture was given by Dr. Janet Rossant (Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto) on "Signalling Pathways in Early Mouse Development" in the Richardson Labs Ampthitheatre at 16:00.
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2000 May 09

The first Nathan Kaufman Lecture was given by Dr. Errol C. Friedberg (University of Texas Southwestern Medical School, Dallas) on "Defective Nucleotide Excision, Repair and Cancer: From Manto Yeast to Mice" in the Etherington Hall Auditorium at 16:00.
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