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Graduate Awards 2/4

Graduate Awards 2/4

Congratulations to Matthew Cormier who earned a highly competitive CIHR-CGS-D Fellowship. Matt’s PhD project in Dr. David Lillicrap’s lab explores the role of the gut microbiome in complications associated with Facto r VIII treatment of Hemophilia A patients.

Congratulations to Olivia Lopes for winning a Queen’s Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship in Science and Technology. Olivia’sPhD project in Dr. Mich ael Rauh’s lab will explore the use of next generation DNA sequencing to predict the outcome of immunotherapies.

Congratulations to Natasha Iaboni for winning a McLau ghin-Bracken Fellowship. Natasha’s MSc project in Dr. Chris Nicol’s lab employs transgenic mouse models study the tumor-suppressor functions of the PPARg trans criptional regulator in breast cancer.

Congratulations to Jina Nanayakkara who was recognized with a CIHR-CGS-D Fellowship in this year. Jina’sPhD project in Dr. Neil Renwick’slab studies microRNA expression in neuroendocrine tumors and their potential as molecular biomarkers for the detection and diagnosis of these difficult to identify and treat tumors.